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Players from New Zealand can now start enjoying great keno action by means of their iPhone devices, and the very best places at which to do so are all rated and reviewed at OnlineKeno.co.nz for their convenience. The rise in popularity of mobile gambling in general and iPhone keno games in particular mean it is that much more difficult for players to pick and choose from the plethora of places to play that have sprung up seemingly overnight online, and this website makes it that much easier to do. When you make your selection from the sites reviewed and recommended at OnlineKeno.co.nz you can be sure that the games you are enjoying are being offered by licensed, legitimate place to play, and that your personal and financial information will be kept completely safe and secure.

These lottery-style games have been optimised for iPhone enjoyment and allow for immediate access and touch controls to play with. You will be able to enjoy games in the free, or demo, mode if you wish to, or lay real money bets as safely as you please in order to enjoy some winnings when you gamble on the go.

iPhone Keno NZ

The game you will be playing on your iPhone is exactly the same one that you have partaken in at land-based venues or by means of your laptop or desktop computers, and you will have no trouble making the transition to the mobile version. The board is made up of 80 numbers, and players will be able to make bets of a large variety when they play keno for real money rewards. You will be asked to choose a series of numbers, usually around 15, which will then be marked off on the board. The more numbers you select at this point the higher the likelihood of you taking home a real money prize.

Once you have chosen numbers, the software running the iPhone casino application that you are making use of will make its picks, by means of a random number generator, or RNG, and 20 numbers will be revealed. If all 15 of the numbers you selected are within the group of digits drawn, then you will be able to take home up to 10 000 times the bet you made, depending on the paytable at the specific casino you are playing at. One hit with one number match will usually pay out around three to one.

iPhone Keno App NZ

Keno is an incredibly easy and very simple game to learn how to play and then get involved with, and making use of the iPhone in order to do it is as stress-free as can be. Bets are incredibly easy to place, and the outcomes are very rapidly processed. Your smartphone device is now easily able to allow you to start maximising the fun and excitement of your everyday life, and you can bypass the sometimes very laborious process of finding a trustworthy casino and double-checking its claims by simply restricting the places to play to those that have been rated and reviewed at OnlineKeno.co.nz. Start having more fun every day with this great game on your handheld device!

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