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For players who have yet to experience the fun of this game, it is a lottery/bingo-styled game that is played widely at casinos, and is also available as a state lottery game as well. The lottery provided by the state hosts draws four times a day, at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 6pm, but, if you prefer to do things at your own pace, then the keno app is for you.

The more traditional games make use of a circular glass enclosed space, sometimes called a bubble, which contains 80 numbered balls which will eventually determine the result of the draw. The balls are mixed up inside the container by means of air blowers, and eventually a lever opens up a tube and balls are lifted singly into this, called the rabbit ears, so-called because of its V-shape. A caller will then record the number of each of the balls drawn, and a computerised system will calculate all the bets based on the outcome.

Mobile Online Keno APPS NZ

The keno app allows a tiny software programme easily downloaded and installed onto your smartphone or tablet device to do all of this for you, without you having to leave your house if you don’t feel like it! Mobile gambling takes the convenience of online gambling to the next level, and removes the need for you to find the time to sit down at your laptop or desktop computer in order to play. Simply fire up the keno app on the device you carry with you all day every day anyway and you can get right into the thick of things whenever you like!

You don’t need to waste time endlessly comparing mobile casinos and keno applications anymore thanks to the folks over at Simply head over there, browse the rated and reviewed mobile app offerings, and you can be sure that you will have picked a winner when you eventually decide. has done all the leg-work for you, and you no longer need to compare information and double-check claims in order to make sure your sensitive personal and financial information will be kept protected while you play. Only the very best of what is on offer make it through to, and you can begin play with complete peace of mind when you limit your selection to the sites they feature.

Keno App NZ

The keno app you eventually select will have a range of payout times so that you don’t have to wait around forever for your payouts when you have had a successful run, and some will also have a so-called turbo-mode available, for you to play games quicker and get your results on the double. The keno app will also generally offer you an auto-pick feature that allows the software to automatically select numbers for you to play, and allow you to keep these if you wish to or select others as the play unfolds. The mobile application allows players to take complete charge of their online gambling fun, and is available for a vast array of devices. Start winning more often today when you start having fun with gambling on the go!

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